Also From Volkswagen - Sharan Review

The Volkswagen Sharan has received some much needed exterior updates. The boxy car was having a difficult time competing with much more stream-lined competition. The Sharan managed to remain competitive for so long thanks to its straightforward design, good range of engines, versatile cabin and the Volkswagen badge.
The large people carrier sector has been dominated by the same manufacturers for some time, but the updated Sharan has a lot to bring to the table and should be able to successfully compete with three of the main dominating forces in this sector of the market.  
The car’s modest facelift and cabin enhancements further improve the car’s desirability. The large, conventional people carrier is well built and should attract the attention of many buyers.
The Sharan offers three rows of seats, a lofty driving position and, in the case of the diesel variants, excellent performance. The Sharan offers an all-round impressive package, and even with an enhanced exterior design it is still not the most radical design on the road, but the Sharan offers more than enough to stay competitive.
The Volkswagen Sharan is relatively inexpensive to run, but carries a hefty asking price. Insurance will be decent and service charges and fuel will be reasonable if you opt for the diesel variant.
The cabin is spacious and will provide sufficient space to all of the occupants. Even rear most passengers will have sufficient head and legroom, thought not quite as much as front seat occupants. The boot is large and is big enough for a few large items, and will be able to accommodate the needs of a family.
The gauges are clear and concise. They are logically placed within the drivers line of sight, making searching for them unnecessary. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are both functional and practical as they are clearly labeled. The only complaint is the illumination as it can increase driving fatigue when looked at during long treks.  
The Sharan’s passengers will be comfortable thanks to the combination of comfortable, supportive seats and plenty of head and legroom in all three ranks of seats. Wind and road noise won’t be bothersome but if you opted for the diesel engine, you should expect to hear some engine noise.
Accessing the cabin is easy for all but the shortest passengers who might need to climb up into the cabin. With wide door apertures and a high roofline, this climb shouldn’t require much effort. The boot is accesed through a large hatch that allows for unrestricted access to the low load lip and the wide load bay.  

Parking is easy but, parking sensors are an option and will prove to be useful when reverse parking. Visibility is good all around and parking won’t be difficult, as the driver sits high enough to see the end of the bonnet and boot.
Life Style
For a car as large as the Sharan it handles well. The steering is light but precise, and the ride is firm but comfortable. The car provides a lofty driving position, and the diesel engines will prove to be the best choice. The V6 petrol unit is good for speed but can be a little thirsty.
The Sharan is an excellent family vehicle. The car offers three rows of seats and good storage space, and excellent versatility. Isofix mounting points are included.
This is not a first car. It is too large and too difficult for a novice driver to navigate through town. There are more appropriate vehicles available.
There are similar vehicles on the market today, but buyers loyal to the Volkswagen badge won’t look any further. The Sharan's cabin does have a more premium feel to it than many of its rivals, and Volkswagen's products are held in high regard.
Security and Safety
The car’s standard safety features include remote central locking plus a security alarm system and an engine immobiliser. Some models gain darkened exterior glass.
The car’s safety features include twin front, side and curtain airbags, plus anti-lock brakes. Xenon headlamps are a cost option across the range.
The Finishing Touches
The car’s standard audio system includes a straightforward system that boasts excellent sound quality. Options include a CD changer and a sat-nav system.
The interior of the car is comprised mostly of dark colours. The exterior design looks the most flattering in dark metallics. The dark colours do a better job of disguising the car’s large size.
The Sharan seats six and offers all the practicality of rival brands. The car handles well and may appear somewhat plain, but it does all the basics extremely well and better than most other brands on the market.